Employer FAQ's

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Is ProServices in compliance with the Affordable Care Act?

ProServices offers health insurance benefits to qualifying employees that meets the guidelines established by the Federal Affordable Care Act. When you engage ProServices, utilizing our temporary and contract employees, you can be confident that we not only provide our temporary employees with the same benefits as our own internal employees, but our human resources department stays on top of current and pending labor and employment legislation, including the Affordable Care Act. For additional information please visit our "Affordable Care Act FAQ" page.

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a vast law with many important reforms to health care in the United States. Among other provisions, the ACA requires employers with over 100 employees to provide qualifying health insurance at an “affordable” cost to employees. For additional information please visit our "Affordable Care Act FAQ" page.

How are potential candidates screened?

Candidates are thoroughly screened according to the needs of our clients and the specific processes within each of our divisions. Please Contact Us to speak with one of our search consultants to learn more.

Do you offer background/criminal/drug screening?

Yes. Please Contact Us and speak to one of our search consultants or account managers to learn more.

You do not have an office near our company, can you still help me?

Yes, in many cases, as we have a national search and staffing practice across our specialty divisions. Please Contact Us to learn if we’re the right resource for you.

How will I approve timesheet?

Once you become a registered client, you will receive an introductory e-mail with instructions on how to approve employee timesheets using our Online Client Portal that can be accessed through any web browser or via our mobile app on your smart phone. If you have not received this introductory e-mail, prefer to use paper timesheets or have questions, please contact your account manager or our payroll department. If you are not a registered client, but would like to become one, please Contact Us to learn more.